Hublot Big Bang Depeche Mode Watch

80s loving Europeans love Depeche Mode musical entertainment and Hublot certainly does. Back in 2010, the Swiss brand worked with Depeche Mode to create a limited edition of Hublot Big Bang watches each with unique Depeche Mode albums covers (debuted here). Those were sold off for charity. Now three years later in 2013, Hublot once again dances slow with Depeche Mode with a new 250 piece limited edition Big Bang Depeche Mode.

Sales of the watches will benefit probably the most PR friendly non-profit charity next to those that save cats and dogs - Charity: Water - that helps bring drinking water to people in the developing world. The watch is all black in a 44mm wide ceramic case and has a series of clos du Paris style pyramids on the bezel, hour markers, and strap. Very Dior (also LVMH by the way), and reminds me of the pyramids that Karl Lagerfeld likes on his new watches. These are certainly interesting Hublot watches and will probably appeal to all the black leather pants wearing party goers that was once cool.